Thursday, November 10, 2011

Tattoo shop fail. me crazy... but I personally would never want to visit a tattoo shop who advertises with fliers under the windshield wipers of car windows (in the parking lot of Walmart, no less). I know- crazy right??Call me a tattoo snob if you will, but I offer a prime example of what the quality of work you can expect to find at such an establishment would be.
Ok! So please do not get weak in the knees over my amazing Paint program prowess. Stunning , I know. Let us instead focus on what we see here. Apparently, *someone* needs to go back to college. I mean COLLEDGE- sorry. Also, I cannot say that I am truly clear on their customer service. Don't get me wrong- I know there is no aditude, which is good because I am not good at math, and I think if they wanted to add a lot, it would be a big turn off to me (besides I was always taught to be pretty, not smart.) If that is what they are referring to then: No aditude-score!

Apparently they have had ten years in the piercing industrty. I cannot even pronounce that word, let alone begin to understand it. Seriously- try and pronounce it! I dare you!
Also, clearly their art is so amazingly beautiful it needs TWO "L" 's. not one, but two!!!

Now my favorite part of it all... they are doing FRO tattoos for fifty bucks! I want to investigate this further and see exactly what they mean by a fro tattoo. Can we choose which fro we want?

Personally I think immediately of Dwayne from What's Happening. *Swoon*


All sarcasm aside, in this day and age this is simply NOT ACCEPTABLE!! Folks, spell check is your friend!!! You should be taking spell check by the hand, skipping down the lane, stopping to pick daisies for her along the way. But no- these people took poor spell check to the dark corners of the forest where they broke her spirit and left her lying in her own sick- a disheveled, lipstick smeared mess. Poor spell check.

Moral of the story boys and girls.....choose your tattoo artist wisely (not from a flier left on your car), treat them nicely, tip them, tell them they are pretty (the guys especially love this) and most of all, if you are getting words anywhere on your body always double check & triple check- even *I* have been known to make spelling errors on occasion (no, I am not perfect but thank you for thinking so).